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Ona Steffensen

Ona Steffensen

Unlicensed Assistant

I joined the MOE Real Estate Team in 2008, bringing with me twenty-four years of Real Estate experience. I was a licensed Realtor for 13 years and have now been a real estate assistant for over 10 years. Service to me is of utmost importance. I am in Scott's office 5 days/week to answer property inquiries as soon as they come in so that buyers do not have to wait for a Realtor to get back to them.

I was born in Eston, Saskatchewan, raised on a farm in Cabri, Saskatchewan and moved to Vancouver at the age of 13. I attended B.C.I.T and obtained my Business Administrative Certificate.

My husband and I reside in Langley on a small Hobby Farm and raise sheep. I'm actively involved in herding and all kinds of dog related activities and it's not uncommon for me to be in a field working with my dogs and talking to you on my cell phone - my office is with me 24/7.

As my client, you always come first, and I'm always here to answer any questions you may have. I love my job and look forward to each and every day!